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Hello and welcome to Its All Good Coffee. I’m Wendy and among other things I’m a woman approaching her fifties who has most definitely earned herself the ‘foodie’ tag. Over the years I’ve worked in various areas of the food industry gaining extensive industry knowledge and gaining qualifications in Advanced Professional Cookery. Eventually I decided to settle down to a life in further education and completed a teaching qualification that has brought me to my role as a Hospitality and Catering lecturer. One of the reasons I absolutely love this role is because it allows me to spend time researching the most interesting elements of catering so that my students can use them as inspiration for new and innovative ways of working.

Having been in the catering industry for near on 30 years now, I’ve seen a million different ways that people integrate coffee into their lifestyle, their food, even their hobbies and I find the way that a simple coffee berry can be played with to create such a varied result absolutely intriguing. The growing, the roasting, the brewing methods and then all the fantastic new tools that are created in order to bring new and exciting results are just wondrous to me, I feel like the humble coffee berry is the perfect example of how an ingredient can be adapted into something that provides beautiful, unique and creative flavours for almost any occasion.

It was with all this in mind that I began to experiment with coffee further, leading to ever-more research, with this came an even deeper love for coffee and everything that it can be. Becoming a big fan meant that luxury coffee and experimentation became part of my daily routine, I’d even find ways to sneak coffee related topics into lectures, but I still didn’t feel like I had an area to really express and discuss coffee as much as I’d liked without people getting a little bored of my one track mind. Hence the rise of It’s All Good Coffee, a coffee blog where you can pop in and join me whenever the fancy takes you. You’ll find a bit about the history of coffee and some facts on the site, then in the blog area you’ll find a range a topics are, from roasting, to coffee machines and other tech, to hints and tips on choosing and brewing the best coffee you can. So most of all, I really hope that the site is of use to you, that I entertain as well as inform and that you’ll keep popping in on me to share our love of the bean.

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