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One of the best things about coffee is its versatility. When I see coffee I don’t just see a little espresso, I don’t even just see a fancy barista vanilla double macchiato, I see a world of possibilities for this bean as an ingredient in some absolutely superb dishes. Be it breakfast dinner or tea there is a recipe with coffee at its heart that I adore and here are just a few of my very best.

Breakfast: I know it’s a little dated now but I’m still just a little bit addicted to my Nutribullet and absolutely love just being able to throw a quick smoothie together in the morning that gives me that much needed jolt of energy and nutrient fast. Of course, me being me, I’ve found a beaut smoothie recipe that give me by coffee buzz too. Simply throw in an espresso, oats, a banana, almond milk and almond butter, whizz it all up and you’re good to go for the day.

Lunch: BBQ Chicken Hoecakes with Coleslaw. BBQ chicken is one of my absolute favourites anyway but mix it up by using a delicious coffee barbeque sauce and I’m sold. A super quick (and a bit of a cheat) recipe for the coffee barbeque sauce is simply a mix of ketchup, sugar, onions, chilli, garlic and of course coffee! There’s affair few recipes out there you can use for the sauce but I find its just as good if you choose the easiest one.

Dinner: Bobby Flay provides one of the best Coffee Rubbed Rib Eye recipes I’ve ever followed. It produces a mouth-watering fall from the bone Rib Eye that just can’t be beaten in my eyes. Plus, it only takes about half an hour to cook. You can find a copy of the recipe at The Food Network, if you give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

Desert: My default restaurant desert has to be Tiramisu. I’ll admit it is a little bit clichéd in its traditional Italian style and can be done outrageously badly. But done right, I just cannot think of a more perfect end to a meal. I am a little loathe to admit that my favourite Tiramisu is in fact a homemade one created to the tune of Nigella Lawson’s recipe and it isn’t very traditional, in fact its lathered with Baileys but I let myself have this as my guilty pleasure as it’s so easy to make at home and requires next to now ingredients. The handy Christmas baileys can finally be put to use alongside savoiardi biscuits, water, eggs, caster sugar, mascarpone cheese and a bit of cacao powder you’ll have everything you need for this stunner of a desert.

A Side Tipple: One of my absolute favourites, this can keep me going throughout a long evening with the girls, it is the stunning and elegant Espresso Martini. This martini has coffee at its heart, for me it must be made with a freshly ground and brewed espresso, a shot of Kahlua (Not essential, but serve me one without it and I can’t pretend I won’t be disappointed use a good quality sherry. Add ice and shake then add the all-important cream and a sprinkle of cocoa to the top.