Coffee Facts

There are a mass of interesting things about the good old coffee bean. The production process, the history of how it has shaped cultures throughout the world and the way advances in technology have developed due to the quest for the perfect brew, all lead to a plethora of fascinating facts but we could be here for an awfully long time if we looked at them all so I’ve narrowed it down and here are 8 of my favourite bite sized coffee facts.

1) Coffee was the first food to be freeze dried and this led to more and more powdered foods to be available on the market. Coffee was freeze dried so that surplus coffee did not go to waste and it became instant coffee. In 1938 Nestle led the way with the use of this process developing Nescafe.

2) One of the most expensive coffees in the world is actually produced using coffee cherries from animal excrement. It is called Kopi Luwak and the animal we have to thank for it is the Sumatran Wild Cat.

3) Coffee has actually been a banned substance quite a few times in its history but one of the earliest occurrences was when Muslim rulers banished it due to its stimulating effects on the population.

4) Studies have shown that (drank in moderation) coffee can actually help you live longer and make you healthier. There’s lots of research into the health benefits of coffee but most show how it helps to minimise the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes and liver diseases!

5) America is in the top 3 consumers of coffee in the world. Clubbed in with France and Germany the three countries consume a massive 65% of the world’s total coffee consumption. Yet, America actually only has one state that produces it and that state is Hawaii.

6) A very quick tip, but adding cream to your coffee actually helps it to keep warm longer!

7) I have to admit, I kind of wish I could have used this one in my vows… At one time, during Turkish wedding ceremonies the groom must promise to provide coffee to their bride. If the groom failed to do so the bride actually had grounds for divorce!

8) Us humans aren’t the only ones that get a kick out of coffee. Our little bee friends also get a real buzz from it whilst they are pollinating! Research as even shown that coffee might be part of the reason for bees having such a good long-term memory.