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How to Make the Perfect Coffee at Home.

Such are the lengths that coffee lovers will go to for a perfect brew that it is said that Beethoven himself would count sixty beans to the cup exactly whilst making his coffee at home. But most of us like an easy life and don’t always have the time to put quite as much love into brewing our favourite beverage. So here we take a little look at a few simple ways to get the perfect cup of coffee at home, without having to go the extra mile for each individual cup.

Selecting the bean: There’s way too much science and ethics, not to mention individual tastes to cover when it comes to choosing the right coffee bean for you but here are a few things to start you off. One, the fresher the bean the better the taste. Two, do you’re research, the way coffee tastes can vary drastically (even with beans from the same crop and the same plantation!) so test lots and really get to know your Arabica from your Robusta. Three, look for Organic, Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance certifications, these certs will help you choose a coffee that is more sustainable and doesn’t take the planet or coffee producers for granted.

Grinding: Freshly grinding your coffee at home makes a huge difference to your brew. The correct grinding process changes the way that the coffee reacts with the water and can substantially change the taste. Hand grinders are a great tool to have at home and can be used for all brewing methods. Making the perfect brew at home really can’t be done unless you freshly grind your beans. A good tip for those new to the game is that the size of the grind and how long the grind is immersed in the water have a direct effect on the taste so if you find that your coffee always comes out that bit too bitter, try experimenting with a coarser grind and or brewing for slightly longer.

The right coffee machine: Some love the art of brewing a coffee by hand, French pressed coffee is a common sight at breakfast in many a household. However, there really is a science to a great cup of coffee and the slightest changes in water temperature, grind consistency etc can have a huge impact on the taste of the same coffee beans. Often this is where people decide a really cracking coffee machine will come in handy. By selecting a really good quality coffee machine you can ensure the right brewing temperature every time, get a machine with a grinder and you’ll save yourself a little more time in the morning too!